Electric Scooter Charger AC to DC Power Supply for Electric Scooter

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Electric Scooter Charger AC to DC Power Supply for Electric Scooter Power Supply Overview: 1. Input CharacterIstics (1) Input Voltage Input Voltage Range: 100Vac-240Vac Nominal Voltage Range: 100Vac-240Vac (2) Input Frequency: Nominal Frequency: 50/60Hz. Variation Frequency: 47/63Hz (3) Max. Input Current: 2.45Arms max At any input voltage and rated. DC output rated load (4) Ac Leakage Current: 1.2 mA Max. At 240Vac input. 2. Output CharacterIstics (1) No load input Power: Input AC Voltage: Output Power load 100Vac Less than 2.2W 240Vac Less than 2.6W (2) Output Voltage Range Input AC Voltage Range: Output Voltage Range: load Range 100Vac-240Vac 30V-42.5 Vdc +/-1% 0.22A-2.10A (3) Output Power Voltage Min. Load Max. Load Peak +42Vdc 0.22A 2.1 A 88W (4) Combined Load/Line Regulation Voltage Min. Load Max. Load Line Regulation +42Vdc 0.22 A 2.10A 1% (5) Efficiency 75% Min. At 100Vac input and output Max. Load. 3. Dielectric Strength(Hi-Pot): Primary to secondary|: 3000Vac/1.9mA/3s. Protection Funtion: 1.The power supply will be auto recovered when short circuit faults remove. 2. Over current Protection: The power supply will be auto recovered when over current faults remove.. 2.1. Over Voltage Protection The output shall be protected to latch off at over-voltage condition, maximum value can’t be over 72V. That might be return to normal state by AC reset . The reset time must less than 2min . 2.2. Short Circuit protection Output can be shorted without damage. The adaptor shall be auto-recovery. (It will enter into normal condition when the fault condition is removed.) Safety: 1. Insulation resistance: Input To Output: DC500V 100MQ min(at room temperature) 2. Insulation pressure-proof : Input To Output: 3000Vac 50Hz 1minute 5mA 3. Safety standard: FCC EMI: Meet: FCC PART 15 Class B Package Includes: 1 X Charger Note: This charger fits for scooter SKU188052.


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