L701 Digital LCD Power Programmable Timer Switch Controller 16A 12V For LED Strip Lights

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Продавец Banggood INT
Brand Eachine1

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Description: The timer switch of L701 is controlling the equipment on-off by user setting the time of out product, so as to achieve energy saving and efficient intelligent. Our products are widely used for street lights, adverstising lights, neon lights, production equipment, household electrical appliances which need setting an reqularly time period. Technical Data: Voltage rating: DC 12V Timing range: 1min~168h Hysteresis: 1sec/day(25) ON/OFF operation: 16 ON & 16 OFF Power consumption: 2VA(max) Display: LCD Switching contact: 1 changeover swith Power reserve: 3 years (Lithium battery) Minimum interval: 1 minute Ambient temperature: -20~+55 Ambient humidity: 35~85%RH Weight: approx 40g Dimensions : 60x60x32mm Operating Instruction: 1. To start switch: press reset Key. At the first time, if you want to the present time, please press «Clock» on board, then press D+ H+ M+ to adjust the number to the present time. 2. Enter into programming as belows: Step Key Programming 1 PresS «P» Setting 1 ON time (display 1 on) 2 Press H+/M+ Setting hours and minutes 3 Press D+ to select same every day, or different time each day 4 Press «P» setting 1 off time (display 1 off) 5 PressH+/M+ setting hours and minutes turn off time 6 Press D+ if you want the same every day, you don’t need press this key 7 Repeat step 2-6 set 2-16 on/off time 8 Press «Clock» end Note: 1. Time setting should according to the time sequence, couldn’t be set crossly. 2. System with quit automatically if there’s no operating within 10 seconds and no data is saved. 3. Function 3, 4, 5 can not be used simultaneously. Package Included: 1 x L701 Digital Timer Switch 1 x English/Chinese User Manual


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